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MedRISSE, social innovation and Social and Solidarity Economy policies in the Mediterranean

social innovation social and solidarity economy


Title MedRiSSE – Replicable Innovations of SSE in the provision of services and creation of decent jobs in the post covid-19 crisis recovery

Location Spain, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Italy

Duration2021- 2023 (24 months)

Project leader Assembly of Cooperation for Peace – ACPP (Spain)


  • BEN / Assembly of Cooperation for Peace (ACPP), NGO, Spain
  • PP01/ An-Najah National University, University, Palestine
  • PP02 / Oxfam Italia Onlus, NGO, Italy
  • PP03/ Agricultural Development Association (PARC), NGO, Palestine
  • PP04 / Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), NGO, Jordan
  • PP05 / Tunisian Center For Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE), NGO, Tunisia
  • PP06 / PIN S.c.r.l. Didactic and Scientific Services for the University of Florence, University, Italy
  • PP07 / Innovation and Social Economy in the Mediterranean, SCEL (IesMed), Cooperative-Private sector, Spain



 European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme 




MedRiSSE is a social innovation initiative which aims to develop a Mediterranean scalability pathway for social innovations that enable the co-production of municipal services with local agents of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) that have emerged from interactions between the government and the SSE involved in the ENI-funded projects. These innovations represent successful and efficient practices for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in general, and for the protection of the most vulnerable groups in post- Covid19 economies in the Mediterranean Basin.

The project is built on the experienced gained through 5 cooperation Projects funded by the European Neighbourhood Instrument through the programmes of ENI CBC Med 2014- 2020 (MedTOWN MoreThanAJob), ENPI MED 2007-2013 (RUWOMED), EuropeAid (MedUP) and IESS (CitESS, LINGARE ).



To promote the co-production of social policies to fight poverty, inequality, social exclusion and environmental unsustainability in the Mediterranean through developing SSE innovations and a joint framework approach of co-production of social policies



PARC will lead a new Mediterranean Co-production Lab (LAB) that will help establish conditions for innovation in the delivery of public services through alliances with SSE and help them identify and foster opportunities for collaboration.
The lab will develop an evaluation methodology to understand the potential for scalability of the different co-production models or social innovations, which, in turns, will evolve into a Mediterranean Co-production Toolkit for Public Sector Innovation. This Toolkit will help both SSE practitioners and public servants understand and apply innovation in their daily work.

The Mediterranean Co-production Lab will help SSE practitioners in the MSB move through the systems of government efficiently and effectively, identifying and fostering opportunities for collaboration to solve problems and share resources, challenging real and perceived barriers to innovation through program initiatives and demonstrating to people what’s possible


At the meso level, it will launch the The Mediterranean Co-production Lab, which will reflect on the state of the art knowledge and lessons learned in the field of coproduction of public utilities through with the goal of contributing to an enabling ecosystem for SSE development in the field of co-production in the MSB. It will host a learning repository as an online handbook as an open resource available for innovators, researchers and policy makers to improve their skills in design for co-production, and reinforce their competences and knowledge. It will also undertake the responsibility of strongly dynamizing the WCoP with social innovations like a system of innovation credits that will encourage exchanges and help supply meet demand through mutual support formulas.

At the macro level, MedRiSSE will lead a policy work mainly based on (i) conducting an in-depth cross-country analysis of national studies  on social innovation run within the 4 programs included in this proposal to highlight transversal topics and issues and get a comprehensive understanding/analysis of the social innovation sector in its different declinations; (ii) developing thematic policy briefs to positively influence changes in the institutional frameworks regulating social innovation in its different forms; (ii) promoting public private dialogue between institutional actors of the SE ecosystems in Europe and in the MENA region to share policy experiences and practices and foster mutual learning. All partners will contribute to the activities development and will use the outputs in their domestic markets, therefore, ensuring the involvement of public authorities at local, regional, national MSB level.

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