PARC completes the distribution of 168,600 tons of barley to farmers in Bethlehem.



The Agricultural Development Association (PARC) distributed barley fodder to farmers in Kisan and Al-Ubeidiya in the Bethlehem governorate, through the project "Enhancing Resilience and Improving Sustainable Livelihoods for Marginalized Sheep Farmers in Conflict-Affected Rural Communities in the West Bank," funded by the United Nations Humanitarian Fund for the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and implemented through PARC in partnership with CARE International.

A total of 168,600 tons of barley were distributed to benefit 98 livestock breeders owning 5,620 sheep in Kisan and Al-Ubeidiya. This activity comes amid the deprivation of Palestinian farmers from accessing pastures and the imposition of significant security restrictions on them, in addition to the significant increase in the prices of fodder and barley.

PARC believes that this activity provides a portion of the farmers' barley needs, reducing their vulnerability to the constraints imposed by the occupation authorities. It also enhances the economic viability of sheep farming, thereby improving the financial situation of farmers and their families.