On its 19th day Stop the aggression against Gaza immediately



On its nineteenth day, the aggression on Gaza exceeded the level of insanity that the Israeli occupation forces practice against civilians. During the war period, more than 600 massacres were recorded by the occupation forces, with the number of victims exceeding 6,000 Palestinians. 70% of the victims were children, women, and the elderly, and more than 1,550 reports of missing persons under the rubble, with more than 870 children.

The Israeli air strikes and missile attacks also targeted the health system in a systematic manner, leading to the martyrdom of 65 medical staff and the destruction of 25 ambulances vehicles, in addition to 12 hospitals and 32 health centers being out of service due to direct bombardment. Furthermore, there is a lack of medicines and medical equipment, and the exhaustion of the fuel needed to supply hospitals and care centers with electricity needed for surgical operations on injured people.

Health statistics do not stop at the numbers of victims, wounded, and missing persons. There are also the number of pregnant women in the Gaza Strip is estimated with more than 50,000 women in need of special health care and suitable conditions for childbirth, and more than 7,000 wounded in need of intensive care. Medical teams cannot provide services to them, and the corridors are overcrowded. On top of that, hospitals and their surroundings are filled with thousands of displaced people and those fleeing the scourge of war.

The number of displaced people reached about one million and 400 thousand displaced people due to the Israeli aggression, which represent almost 70% of the population of the Gaza Strip, in addition to more than 181 thousand housing units that were damaged, including more than 20 thousand housing units that were completely demolished by the occupation or became uninhabitable. Furthermore, 72 governmental headquarter and dozens of public and service facilities were destroyed. The occupation’s bombing also caused damage to 177 schools, while 32 schools were out of service. It also affected 32 mosques that were completely destroyed, and 3 churches that were severely damaged.

The Palestinian Agricultural Development Association (PARC) appeals to the free people of the world and friends of the Palestinian people to intervene and put pressure on their governments in order to force the occupation to stop this aggression against our defenseless people and allow food and health aid to enter. This aggression constitutes a blatant violation of international law, and cannot be tolerated. We call on the international community to take urgent action to stop this aggression immediately.