PARC begins distributing 45,000 food parcels to shelters and makeshift camps in the Gaza Strip.




Gaza - The Agricultural Development Association (PARC) has started distributing urgent food parcels to shelters and makeshift camps in the governorates of the Gaza Strip in partnership with the World Food Program (WFP). 45,000 food parcels will be distributed to families affected by the war on the Gaza Strip and those in various displacement areas.

Beneficiary families will receive two food parcels at the beginning and end of each month. Distribution will be phased due to the large number of targeted families and the difficulty in accessing some areas, especially those close to Israeli military operations in the region.

During the activity, 5,113 food parcels were distributed to IDPs residing in shelters in Tel Al Sultan and Al Shabora neighborhoods in southern Rafah, in addition to 8,000 parcels in Deir Al-Balah, Al-Zawayda, Al-Nusayrat, central Gaza Strip.