In light of severe shortage of food and clean water Agricultural Development Association (PARC) begins distributing drinking water in “Tal Al Sultan”




The Agricultural Development Association (PARC) crews and volunteers began distributing drinking water to hosting families in “Tal Al Sultan” who are affected by the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7, as the war exacerbated the already existing crisis in the Gaza Strip, from which 2.2 million Palestinians suffer from the lack of drinking water and clean water.

PARC contracted with desalination plants owners and owners of ground wells to provide clean and safe water to citizens in “Tal Al Sultan” and distribute it through the organization’s crews and volunteers to citizens in shelters and families hosting the displaced citizens.

PARC used primitive means of transportation (horse-drawn carts) to transport water from desalination plants and underground wells due to the fuel shortage, which caused the transportation trucks to stop operating.

It is noteworthy that the occupation, during its ongoing aggression for 20 days, deliberately attacked the already dilapidated infrastructure as a result of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for 16 years, which deprived the Gaza Strip of developing its infrastructure for desalination and water treatment, as it became polluted and the salinity of the water in the Strip increased. 98% of the Strip's groundwater is not suitable for drinking due to the leakage of wastewater and seawater into underground wells in the Gaza Strip. This war also increased the suffering of citizens by preventing the entrance of aid into the Strip by the occupation army, including medical aid, food, and clean water.

PARC works to develop means of providing various interventions and improving the nature of services provided to 100,000 beneficiaries, in order to preserve the dignity and humanity of the target groups in general through the use of electronic purchasing vouchers and to ensure the safety of the beneficiaries during these difficult circumstances that our people in the Gaza Strip are experiencing and to ensure the arrival of aid to the affected families.

PARC launches repeated appeals urging the international community and humanitarian institutions to intervene to stop the war on the Gaza Strip immediately and allow humanitarian aid to enter for citizens.