Agriculture and Capacity building officer

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2023-03-12 14:00:00

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2023-03-23 12:00:00


The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) is a leading Palestinian Agricultural Development Organization that was established in 1983. Since its establishment, PARC has been efficiently engaged in Palestinian land development, water resources & environment, poverty reduction and women empowerment, olive oil marketing, as well as other crucial rural development programs
In accordance with its mandate, PARC will be implementing a project titles The "Resilience and Economic Growth in Gaza Strip in the Agricultural Sector 2020-2023" project aims to Improve the livelihoods of youth and farmers in the Gaza Strip through enhancing their chances to access to market. Funded by AECID. 

Price offer (Agriculture and Capacity building officer)

Price offer: 26/2023-Q

The Agriculture and Capacity Building Officer will be based at PARC headquarter in Gaza Strip under the direct supervision of the Business Development Officer at the AECID funded project " Resilience and Economic Growth in Gaza Strip in the Agricultural Sector 2020-2023". Where the Agriculture and Capacity Building Officer will be responsible for the overall following up and monitoring of the capacity building activities in the project as per the guidance of the project's Business Development Officer.


  • Education:
  • Minimum university degree in agriculture.
  • Experience:
  • At least 4 years of proven experience in agriculture, and capacity building programs
  • Language:
  • Arabic & English
  • Competencies

Interested applicants should have at least the following competencies:

  • Proven experience in the agriculture sector.
  • Demonstrates integrity and commitment to PARC values and ethical standards.
  • Demonstrates cultural, and gender adaptability.
  • Demonstrates fair treatment for others without favouritism.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and learning sharing
  • Strong report writing skills
  • Ability to design and manage initiatives.

                 Duties and Responsibilities:

The Agriculture and Capacity Building Officer will carry out the following tasks:

  • Assist in the preparation of the selection criteria and selection process of different activities.
  • Assist in the processing of the received application forms and provide insight for short list selection.
  • Provide technical support in reviewing and designing project ideas.
  • Provide technical, agricultural and life skills guidance based on the needs of beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring the proper management of the capacity building aspects of the project, and ensure compliance with the objectives of the project, and its work plan.
  • Design and implement the monitoring and evaluation tools for the implemented agriculture ideas within the project.
  • Prepare the required reports and maintain adequate archiving system for the implemented activities.
  • Conduct filed visits to ensure the proper application of the project activities on the ground.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as seen fit by PARC and required as part of the project
  • Others:
  • Extensive filed work and travel throughout the project implementation sites
  • Excellent computer skills especially MS office.
  • Proven ability to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Excellent communication skills


  • General Terms
  • PARC will deduct a percentage from the contract amount, according to the Palestinian tax law.
  • Prices are valid for 90 days after the date of submission.
  • The offer envelope must be sealed.
  • The documents must be delivered by hand.
  • announcement fees, on the internet or websites, will be paid by the bid winner






The consultants have to submit for the evaluation the following documents in hard and soft copies:

  • Technical offer with all supporting documents (Cover letter, Working methodology, CV‘s for the consultant …etc).
  • Financial offer, only hard copy.



The deadline of the proposal submission is 23th March 2023 not later than 12:00 PM at PARC office at Al Zitoun area, Salah Al Dein St., Gaza.

The applicant must submit two separate sealed envelopes. The first envelop is a Technical Offer and the second one is financial offer using annex 1.


PARC’s headquarter, Zaytoon Quarter, Salah Eddin St.

Telephone: ++97082805040

Fax: ++9702805039

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